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2023 - Please note, I am currently taking a break from offering trauma sensitive yoga due to training and other time commitments. You are welcome to contact me for signposting to other relevant service providers who may be able to meet your needs 
  • Participants must be living in a safe and stable space (may include but not limited to hostel accomodation, sheltered housing, assisted living and temporary housing)  
  • Must have at least one established stable relationship in their lives with someone who they can talk with about anything that arises in practice. This could be traditional therapy, but could also be a support worker, peer counselling, pastoral care,or a close family member or partner.
  • If you have felt unable to keep yourself safe over the past 6 months, you are welcome to get in touch for more information but I ask that you wait to begin your practice. 
Please note that as trauma sensitive yoga is a physical, rather than cognitive way of working, l will not need to know the details of what has happened to you, and will not ask for this at any point.

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